About Socal

How much mediabudget will your need for your next advertising campaign and is it enough to reach your KPI`s and achieve your goal? Or is it more than needed? Stop guessing and use Socal to get a detailed estimate of your campaigns outcome based on your budget and your goals.

How to use Socal


Select it

Select up to 10 different KPIs that are most used in social and digital marketing based on the purpose and goal of your ad.


fill it

Fill in the needed information such as your advertising budget, size of the potential target group and expected CPM cost.


Estimate it

Socal will calculate and present an estimate of your upcoming campaign based on your selected KPIs and shared numbers.


Save it

Save your estimate easily in your personal library to both share and continue working with later on.


Share it

Share your estimate with one click with a colleague or agency via e-mail, text, whatsapp or facebook messenger.


Get it

Use for free or start subscribing for full access without any commitment and stop at any time.